Tuisha and Gaurav, Sheraton Grand Danang Resort & Convention Center, Vietnam

Undeterred by the rains, this couple enjoyed their destination wedding in Vietnam to the fullest with an energetic Sufi Night, a colourful pool party and a beachside sundowner party.
2 Mins | WeddingSutra | 29 Aug 2023
Embracing the local culture and incorporating its elements into their wedding celebrations seamlessly, Tuisha and Gaurav’s destination wedding in Vietnam was a grand one! Capturing the couple as they resiliently tackled the unpredictable weather and thoroughly enjoyed their festivities was WeddingSutra Favorite – Oragraphy.

How They Met

Tuisha shares, “We met around five years ago when we realized that we had a lot of common friends. Despite being complete opposites, we loved speaking with each other and spending time together. We kept bumping into each other on social occasions until we exchanged numbers and finally went on our first date!”

The Proposal

Recollecting Gaurav’s surprise proposal, Tuisha shares, “After dating for over four years, Gaurav surprised me with a dreamy proposal while I was visiting Jaipur with my family. As I was shopping, our driver arrived with a hamper full of my favorite snacks and a note asking me to get into the car. I had no idea where we were headed, but after a 1 and a half hour’s drive, we arrived at a stunning fort hotel in Jaipur. To my surprise, Gaurav had arranged a beautiful room at the property where I could get ready for the proposal. After getting ready, Gaurav showed me a special film featuring our love story and messages from our loved ones. He then took me to the proposal location, where I happily said yes! The night ended with a delicious five-course dinner accompanied by a private Sufi band, which Gaurav had thoughtfully arranged for us. It was a truly unforgettable evening that we will cherish forever.”

Wedding Planning

Memories are one of the most precious things that one takes home after a wedding. And, in Tuisha and Gaurav’s case, it was Oragraphy who used their skills to make their moments of love everlasting. Tuisha shares, “Team Oragraphy worked so tirelessly and seamlessly with all our other vendors. With them onboard our wedding squad, we could easily kick back and relax. Plus, they also lightened the mood while taking our pictures!”

Wedding Functions : Sundowner Party

The celebrations kicked off with the couple hosting a party that paid homage to Vietnam. The bride says, “We included several elements of Vietnamese culture into the party to make it more memorable for everyone in attendance. Our entry included a local lion dance and a special fire act on the beach. A live band made the beachside sundowner party a huge hit as guests grooved till the late hours of the night.”


Tuisha shares, “Initially, we had envisioned our haldi under bright sunshine but as fate would have it, it started pouring heavily. However, that didn’t deter any of our loved ones from celebrating as they stepped outside without care! The haldi actually happened in pouring rain where none of the guests fussed about their hair or clothes, they were there with big smiles and dancing and enjoying with us.”


Due to the rains, the location of the wedding mandap had to be altered. However, the duo and their loved ones kept their spirits up and celebrated with all their energy as Tuisha shares, “It was supposed to be a sunset wedding with the mandap on the horizon of the infinity pool and beach but due to the heavy rains and winds, it had to be relocated last minute. Despite everything being changed and delayed, everyone was as happy as could be. No one let the atmosphere get dampened. The varmala took place in the middle of the hotel lobby with all our guests overlooking and cheering – it was the most magical moment and even more special than what we had actually planned!”

Pool Party

Tuisha shares, “At the pool party, we had special counters set up where guests could customize their own Vietnamese hats and also take home customized packs of incense sticks that are quite popular in Vietnam. Moreover, we rode in on typical cyclos for the pool party and the cyclos were then available for anyone who wanted to take a ride around the property. We strategically placed our wedding logo over Asia’s biggest hotel pool at the venue.”


The third night witnessed the sangeet where the decor flaunted jewel tones. Amping up the glam quotient, this event had everyone dancing till the early hours of the morning!

Sufi Night

After the wedding ceremony, the couple hosted a stunning sufi night. Recollecting the event, Tuisha says, “A live band absolutely aced the performance. Due to the rains, we moved our Sufi venue to the three-floored lobby of the hotel which, luckily, became our very own opera theater! Luckily, the acoustics were perfect and the performance lasted for more than four hours.”

Advice For Couples

The couple shares, “Delegate, delegate, delegate! Find people you trust and don’t have to micromanage. And hire the right vendors who understand your vision.”

The Wedding Makers

Venue: Sheraton Grand Danang Resort & Convention Center, Vietnam Wedding Planner: Veydaa Events Pvt. Ltd. Groom’s Outfits: Kresha Bajaj (Sundowner Party), Urmila Palrecha (Haldi), Tarun Tahiliani (Wedding), Rohit Bal (Pool Party), Manish Malhotra (Sangeet) Bride’s Outfits: Anamika Khanna (Sundowner Party), Urmila Palrecha (Haldi), Tarun Tahiliani (Wedding), Atelier by Antithesis (Pool Party), Falguni Shane Peacock (Sangeet) Makeup: Bianca Louzado Sound & Lighting: Prem Bhoir Entertainment: Tidal Wave (Sundowner Party), Bryden-Parth (Sangeet), Swaraag (Sufi Night) Social Media: Wedding Social DJ: DJ Sandy Emcee: Vishaal Aloysius Rasquinha Wedding Invitations: Dhruvi Doshi Designs Photography: Oragraphy Videography: The Wedding Filmer